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Internet TV Survey -- Revolution or Evolution?

The Arbitron and Edison Research Survey released recently, and set off media coverage as if it were a squabble, not to mention the momentous first time that TV was less vital than the internet. Coverage seemed to make these findings unexpected, but was it really unexpected? We say, “of course not!”

Change always moves faster with technology. Just look how fast our world changed and evolved from land lines to mobile, from analog to digital, snail mail to email and so on. There is a multitude media and entertainment platforms from which to choose to use.

In other words, one could get the impression that it was as if the survey was comparing the proverbial apples with oranges.  As many of us know, TV is just one platform, while the internet has become a compilation of numerous and increasing numbers of platforms. In fact many TV sectors (networks, cable, independents) have largely joined the internet bandwagon (albeit late) with a growing selection of online program offerings.

Now, we can watch TV online any time we choose. In addition, many newer televisions can also serve as monitors with computer hook-ups enabling us to watch television programs on the internet when we want to on our enormous TVs. So, the reality is that many of us now watch television on the internet. If we read the Arbitron and Edison Research Survey, we can easily determine that there is not a battle or a revolution between the two titans (Internet and TV), but an evolution. Platforms multiply, merge, create, and recreate increasing and creating more and more interactive elements.

Much of television has incorporated the internet and is becoming one more component. That is why the survey result is really a not news. We think that next year’s survey result is a foregone conclusion. No duh!

And that’s our take. To read more, click here

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