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1st Amendment Rights Win Over Fear

The Interview, Sony Picture’s incredibly controversial comedy film has been released! Sony has made deals with independent movie theaters, Google Play, YouTube, and other online sites . The film will begin showing in theaters on Christmas day and be available for online renting or buying Christmas Eve day. It will cost $5.99 for rentals and $14.99 for purchase. It will also be available on

Assorted Buzz Topics and Tidbits in the 2014 Digital Arena

We all know that the digital age is evolving at a dizzying pace. Now that it’s the end of 2014, it’s probably time to take a step back and scan the multitudes of issues, events, happenings and new information out in cyber land. So, I’ve decided to choose a few tidbits and buzz issues that represent what’s going on. Please remember that these are but a few out of thousands of note-worthy topics, and if I’ve left out one you think is important, please let me know.

New Media Awards Is a Growing Global Phenomenon

The New Media Institute, Inc. (NMI) was founded to educate and inform the general public about new media communications and the Internet. It serves as a resource for the press, the industry, academia, foundations, and corporations, as well as individuals. A prime goal of NMI is to find and acknowledge the very best standards and practices of all sectors of the internet and new media communications.

Is Digital Posting Forever? Yes and No

The internet expands and evolves constantly. Whether we like it or not, it’s not going away and its capacity for data expands without stop. Every infinitesimal piece of data we put into the internet, finds a place to live. So, there are always, always a few basic things you have to keep in mind when you post a profile (whether for social or business reasons), post photos, tweet your thoughts, send an email, put up a website, or sign an online petition.

The Five Tenets of New Media

There has been a great deal of discussion in the news about the Secret Service Fiasco, politician bloopers and indiscretions. One conclusion (or is it just a question) is that “people” are more brazen, more irresponsible and more thoughtless than any other time in history. Well, that’s ridiculous. I don’t think that the nature of humankind has gotten worse. In fact, some academics who have studied war and its ramifications throughout history maintain that humankind has evolved in a positive manner.

Discount Legend Uses Texting for Coupons

I, as do millions of others, use coupons. And, while I wish retailers would just lower the price without using coupons, I’m really annoyed when I lose out on the lower price because I’ve forgotten the *#@* coupon or didn’t receive it, and I therefore miss out. If stores insist on using coupons as their marketing tool, then what could be better than coupons delivered through mobile devices? Unfortunately, few retailers and business in general use mobile coupons and even less of mainstream shoppers realize the possibility of such coupon usage. I personally see very little of this mobile possibility.

Android leading the way in applications

The new android has a new application dedicated to customizing and creating your own smart phone application. If you have a new idea for what you want your phone to be able to do, it’s as easy as just making it yourself. Android creators have made the software so easy to use; almost anyone can develop their own application. Apple claims to have no interest in using or adapting this application for the Iphone. See more:

Live Video Chat Iphone to Iphone

The new Iphone 4 comercials are emphasizing on the new feature of “Face Time” on the phone. This new application allows users to conduct video chat from Iphone to Iphone. It gives the Iphone a more personal feeling, instead of complicated and unreachable. Not only does the new advertising show the great new feature, but also shows that in order to use this new application, both users must have Iphones. See more:

Facebook gets serious about safety

In an effort to eliminate child molesters from social networking sites, Facebook has created a panic button in order to keep underage users safe. The button will also greatly reduce the amount of cyber bulling on the website as well. This new feature will only be featured in the United Kingdom, but may soon spread to other regions. The reason this was finally put into place is the rape and murder of a 17 year old girl, by a child molester posing as a teenage boy on the popular website. See more 

The new face in online news:

The newspaper industry has been in a downward spiral for some time now. Google seems to have the answer for this; the Itunes answer. Before Itunes, the music industry was under huge attack from free downloading, until the 99 cent Itunes option came to the rescue. Instead of having to pay for your yearly subscriptions to newspapers you won’t read anyway, how about an option to pay for only the news that you need. See more: 

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